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I accidentally left my phone at home yesterday, so rather than check Tumblr on my work breaks, I drew on sticky notes with pens, highlighters, and white-out. Also pictured are some old cartoon doodles of our late newt Mr. Pebbles enjoying all the things that Mr. Pebbleses do.

You can see my creativity and artistic tendencies still managing to break through the static monotony of the office.

Sorry if I seem kinda bummed for a time. Our firebelly newt passed on last night and it’s all kinda difficult for me right now.

Mr. Pebbles was the best newt and was very smart and good at hunting (even though his food was already dead, but we never told him that). He was very fat and happy for the time he spent with us. Even though he didn’t stay as long as we thought he would, we definitely managed to help him eat and hang out longer than he might have before we adopted him. We love you, Mr. Pebbles. May your spirit continue to enjoy all the feedings.


Adam Jensen got nominated by his voice actor, Elias Toufexis, for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. For more info about ALS and to donate:

Dang it I love voice actors!

I thought of a better way to say it.

Guillermo del Toro is drift-compatible with Hideo Kojima, and their jaeger’s name is Silent Hills.

Omegacon Artists

Have I mentioned that there were some rad artists in the alley this year? This post will showcase some of the things that I bought and traded.


This cool pipecleaner dog was made by Dertherck, who also had some big, beautiful pipecleaner dragons!


Dertherck’s partner-in-crime, Koumori-Ouji (aka PumpkinOverlord) had some neat megaform arts, as well as bat necklaces and a lovely pinup-like drawing of Vaike from Fire Emblem Awakening. It’s nice to see one of my favorite characters get a little fanart love!


Jambandit had Pacific Rim fanart! I wanted all of them, but I got the Cherno Alpha one because it was my favorite jaeger.


My table-buddy Orbit had, among other things, beautifully-illustrated cards! I had to get me the Journey one, since she made me play it right before the con and gave me a bad case of the Feels.


My other buddy, Cricket, had these neat prints of seasonal dragons! Not all the seasons yet, but Spring and Summer. 

I didn’t get a picture of it, but Blind Alley Studios had the CUTEST lil’ bee keychains. Other animals, too. And tote bags.

Also present (though I didn’t buy from them at the con) was [CarryTheWhat?], who had this rad 3D printer making all kinds of crazy things. Pokeballs, puzzles, dice…

I also spoke to Shazami, who had lots of Tomagachi! Really brought me back to my old elementary school days.

For you hat-lovers out there, Apricity Hats had one heck of a selection!

I also have a business card from BluePulse Studios, though I don’t remember who handed it to me. Figured I’d add it to my list o’ plugs here!

I’m sure this wasn’t everyone, but I think I got the cards of most of the folks selling at Omegacon this year. Hope you guys did well!


Have you seen the new American alligators and lined seahorses at the Maymont Nature Center? Check them out on your next visit. The Nature Center is open Tue-Sun from 10am to 5pm, and it will be open on Labor Day Monday too!

I know what I wanna do this weekend!


I did it guys - I got it printed. If you enjoy my Groth Calendar Birthstones Series, I have “Art Book Desk Planners” for 2015 up for sale now in my Etsy shop.

Available here!

Each book is 26 pages long and printed on nice glossy paper with a soft cover. I will sign each book individually! Along with the calendar illustrations, I also included other Groth drawings. I only had 3 printed as they are expensive to print, and I won’t be printing them again. 

If you enjoyed this series, please check them out!

You guys should totally check out these beautiful calendars by my pal Cricket! Wouldn’t you rather have one of these than a generic store-bought 2015 calendar with photos of horses or something?

That rainbow must’ve been good luck after all, ‘cause Flib and I have been approved for our apartment!

We’ll probably be moving in sometime in the next week or so, so until we get our connections and bills worked out, we might be away from keyboard.

Guess that’s as good incentive as any to get as much done as possible before then!

Actually, I want to take a break from the Omegacon photos, because yesterday I saw the biggest, most vibrant rainbow I’d ever seen in my life.

This is all the same rainbow, taken from different angles. As you can see, the perspective of the arch doesn’t change.

In some of these pictures, you can sort of see the second arch above it.

I know rainbows are things that only little girls get thrilled about, but dang it, they’re still one of my favorite things about nature. Also they are supposed to bring good luck, so here’s hoping I get something good on my way in the near future!

Omegacon 2014 General Happenings

Well, now that I’ve shared all the cosplay goodness, I thought I’d tell you the tale of my weekend adventure!

I drove up to Cricket and Orbit's place after work on Thursday. Orbit let me play Journey, which, wow, I'm still having emotions. The next morning I wandered into the kitchen where I noticed a lil' dude drawn on the dry-erase board. I added a dragon bro.


When we got to the hotel, it was time to get our cosplay on. We assisted Orbit with drawing on some nifty tattoos.



Then it was time to set up the table! We had a little of everything, so being asked what it is we did there was hard to answer.




In particular, the plush sold like hotcakes. My favorite was the commet moth, and then the Toothless, who found a home with one of the maid cafe ladies.


One of the nights, we went out to this fantastic little bar called The Southern, where they were offering 50% off deals for everyone in cosplay.



If you ever find yourself in Charlottesville, I highly recommend going here and ordering the Goat with the Flow. I’ll let the ingredients speak for themselves.

In the evenings, we played card games. I meant to show my pals how to play the Pokemon TCG, but alas, I brought no damage counters. Instead, we played a game of Uno with Cricket’s One Piece-themed deck.


It was a long-drawn battle that took around two hours. It was late in the evening, and we were really getting into it despite our horrible fatigue. Somehow we started combining the names of the characters and colors when we played them. For example, a blue Chopper card: Blopper. Red Luffy? Roofy. Green Zorro? Gorro. You get the idea. When the game finally ended, I was the one who discarded my final card, shouting a victory cry of YES! I AM KING OF THE PIRATES! I AM THE ONE PIECE! I AM ALL OF THE PIECES!

But my victory streak didn’t end there, for I also dominated a game of Cards Against Humanity that we played the next day (after the aforementioned dinner at The Southern).


We had been playing to ten points, and before we knew it, I had twice the cards as anyone else. Somehow, the lady on the opposite side of the table, farthest away from me, picked my white card every time. It was like we had a telepathic link or something. Hilariously, when I had nine points, she specifically tried to avoid selecting the white card that she thought was mine, except that it was the card that was EXACTLY mine.

My victory cry here was along the lines of YES! I AM THE BLACK CARD! I AM ALL OF THE CARDS! I AM CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY!

But it wasn’t all fun and games. The convention had some serious business going on.



Huh. Guess that explains all the Storm Troopers.

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