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GI Joe PSA Parody (Porkchop Sandwiches) by FenslerFilm

NOTE: Video contains strong language.

I forgot that this was a thing, but then I remembered. You’d be surprised by how often Flib and I find situations in which to quote this video.

I accidentally left my phone at home yesterday, so rather than check Tumblr on my work breaks, I drew on sticky notes with pens, highlighters, and white-out. Also pictured are some old cartoon doodles of our late newt Mr. Pebbles enjoying all the things that Mr. Pebbleses do.

You can see my creativity and artistic tendencies still managing to break through the static monotony of the office.

By the way, if you’re interested in the “Boostle” ship at all, I think you’ll enjoy this episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold. It’s cute and funny and includes Ted referring to Booster Gold as his “fun friend.”

By the way, if you’re interested in the “Boostle” ship at all, I think you’ll enjoy this episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold. It’s cute and funny and includes Ted referring to Booster Gold as his “fun friend.”

King of the Hill Season 1 — Boomhauer

This guy, though. I have no idea how his voice actor pulls off these lines, or does it with a straight face, for that matter (sometimes I’m not even sure that he’s saying words).

We did a drinking game once that included waterfalling while Boomhauer was talking, and I physically couldn’t do it because of laughing so hard. Best character.

Video uploaded/compiled by mak4life2431 on YouTube

Can we talk about this scene in Justice League: War, and how Wonder Woman’s reaction to the guy’s truth is awesome? She’s such a rad gal.

This was a sweet movie, by the way. It actually pulls a lot of content from the comics that it’s based on. I miss that Aquaman was taken out, but I actually love that they included Shazam, and I respect that they’re most likely saving Arthur for the next story arch in which he has a more prominent role.




I wonder if it was difficult to pitch the idea for Batman Beyond…


Actually WB said they wanted a younger Batman show to bring in a “younger audience”. 

But Bruce Timm and the creators were like “yeah nah” and made the show super edgy to compensate for the idea that a teen Batman is kinda ehhh.

On paper it looks weird, but in practice it was totally schway

WB wanted a teen Batman, but Timm realized nowhere did WB say Bruce as a teen. Greatest loophole abuse ever resulted in a great future Batman.

Reblogging this old post for some of the cool unexpected responses I got from it.

Pocket Monsters: The Origin (official trailer)

We… happened to find an English subtitled version of this show to watch this weekend. It was fantastic.

The Origin is a four-part special, but it’s everything you’ve ever wanted in a Pokemon anime. I’m not going as far as to say it’s hardcore and mature, but it isn’t the silly, childish cartoon that “Ash and Co.” have been representing all these years. If you’ve played the Gen 1 games or their remakes, you’ll find that The Origin is a very accurate adaptation, with a slight tie-in to the upcoming Gen 6 video games.

The animation and writing are solid, to the point where I was screaming with excitement during some of the fight scenes (brace yourself for the Team Rocket Boss fight). The only downsides are, it being a 4-episode miniseries attempting to tell the whole story of the original Pokemon game, a lot of it was rushed or briefly mentioned in a monologue. They seemed to just skip around to the most important events of the game, including infiltrating Team Rocket’s headquarters and the very sad urban legend about the Cubone at Lavender Town. In fact, this short and sweet animation gave me more feels than I was expecting to have. Happy ones and sad ones. It’s so thrilling to watch Red (who does speak, in case you were wondering) grow from a clueless rookie to world champion, as well as the growth of his… ah… relationship with Green. By which I mean his friendship/rivalry, although if you’re looking for sexual tension you will probably see it (intense staring, getting up in each others’ personal space, etc).

I sort of hope that this show becomes popular enough that they consider making a full-length Pokemon series with similar quality, maybe based on the later games or a whole new adventure to replace the rather outdated “Ash n’ Pikachu” ongoing story.

If you’ve played Pokemon Red and Blue, or FireRed and LeafGreen, chances are you’ll love The Origin. If you’re new to the Pokemon series as a whole, this is a wonderful place to start.

Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin first impressions (spoiler free)

We we going to watch Pacific Rim this weekend, but apparently we waited too long and now it’s not showing in any of our nearby theaters. So instead, we got our giant-monster-action fix by marathoning Attack on Titan to see what all the fuss was about. Got through episode… 14 I think, which is plenty enough for me to get an opinion about it, so I figured I’d write a [spoiler-free] review of the show based on what I’ve seen so far (begins under the pagebreak):

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I’m sure many of you have seen this already, but The Reward is a short film from Denmark directed by Mikkel Mainz and Kenneth Ladekjaer.  And it’s brilliant!  Do watch.

Here is its website.  

Kinda sad to see 90% of the lady characters just there to get yanked onto the back of horses, but otherwise talk about an amazing and imaginative world!

The power of high-fives, man. 

Agreeing with Maple that there aren’t any what I call “bro ladies” in this, but it did put a smile on my face for sure. And I always admire a story that can be told well without lots of dialogue.

Some geeky humor up in here.